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Nayeem Ahmed
Jun 30, 2022
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The author of this article: Huang Shihao, General Manager of Taiwan, VI College Value Investment Institute Due to the developed information flow, many young office workers can absorb relatively sufficient investment and financial management concepts. Compared with stocks that require time to do their homework and understand, some people may purchase funds through the recommendation of bank staff and insurance managers. or an investment policy. These seemingly relatively secure "investment products" may sometimes be quietly letting inflation eat up your assets. Putting the same money on other investment targets may save you a lot of unnecessary costs and waste even if it cannot make you Photo Retouching more money. The student who came to consult with me, Mr. Qiu, is a contract teacher in a middle school. His job has been quite stable for many years, but he always feels that he is only a "contract" status, not a lifelong "iron rice bowl". Therefore, although Teacher Qiu has a good monthly salary of more than 50,000 yuan per month, in order to have more funds to use for financial management, Teacher Qiu has no special expenses in daily life. He occasionally buys some online novels as daily leisure and entertainment, and has accumulated 170 yuan in a few years. Tens of thousands of total assets. Check Mr. Qiu's investment goals and current situation. If you still hope to have more than 50,000 yuan of passive investment income every month, according to the assessment, you need to reach about 20 million yuan in assets to achieve this goal, although it seems that there is still a considerable period of time.

Nayeem Ahmed

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