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Uprety maintains a blog called Nick's Palate about his love of exotic foods, and he shared several of his pictures with CNN iReport as part of the Destination Adventure ongoing travel project.nepal food


for all who are complaining about picture quality and how it is not traditional nepalese food, you guys need to shut the F*** up.. article is trying to create an awareness about nepalese one has ever done this before.. sure it might not be traditional food but it is a part of nepalese cuisine.. and no take takes a DSLR whenever they go out and eat.. when you come across the food you like you try to capture it whatever means you can.. if u think u can do better than do it and stop compaining.. An excellent article ... and thank you for trying to put our name out there...

Listen you moron.. i have been to nepal and i have eaten food there... I know what you guys have there.. dont make smart remarks cause your hurting your own status... the article writes about what can be found there and how nepali food is amazing yet hasnt been recognized by the world... Instead of being happy that someone atleast bought it up, you are complaining... Go ahead complain or insult more ... I dont have to tell you how much of a moron you are...

I love nepali food, especially dal bhat but Momo is Tibetan food. And you were not surrounded by China and India, you were once between Tibet and India. You can't change history to suit the present. But it could be that author simply was ignorant of this fact although there are probably 20,000 Tibetan refugees living in nepal at the moment.

yes only the vegetables r same but the taste is totally different ... the major difference is nepali foods are prepared with less oil or spices .. in indian curries one can find less vegetables n more oil and spices .. lol 041b061a72


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