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8MM 2 ( Full Download 'LINK' ) 13

  • This is not at all a bad movie, if you drop the following expectations:8mm sequel?? It has nothing to do with 8mm, the movie with Nicolas Cage.

  • Story? The plot is not hugely elaborate, it's a blackmailing story which takes a slight twist at the end.

  • Actors? Acting should have been with more heart and more convincing.

Other than that, it's a highly enjoyable movie. It's full of masterfully photographed erotic, film-noir atmosphere, very nice on-location footage from Hungary and an excellent soundtrack.Although the story has its deficits, it serves well for generating a big deal of suspense. Much of the suspense originates from the psychological interplay between the different "opponents" in the movie. It's not about dull action scenes or car hunts. Altogether, still worth a 7. Good time watching.

8MM 2 ( Full Download ) 13

A cool 8mm grain effect here with 4 different colors: wine, ash, moss, and tobacco. Throw it onto your footage to ramp up the style of your creative projects. This one is free to download if you have a Motion Array membership.

The extent of injury necessary to tear the cuff depends on the quality of the tendon. Young healthy rotator cuff tendon is almost impossible to tear. However, older, multiply injured, multiply injected tendons or tendons in a smoker may tear with no injury at all. Tears in younger individuals are more likely to extend only part way through the tendon (partial thickness tears). Tears in older individuals are more likely to tear completely through the tendon (full thickness tears) and to involve multiple tendons.

Full thickness tears do not heal by themselves because the muscles pull the edges of the tear apart. However it is possible for full or partial thickness tears to stabilize leaving the shoulder with reasonable comfort and function.

The more force necessary to produce a tear the more likely it is that the tear will be surgically repairable. Healthy tendon requires a major force to tear it. Tears resulting from major injury can usually be repaired successfully if surgery is not delayed more than several weeks.

Rotator cuff surgery can improve the mechanics of the shoulder but cannot make the joint as good as it was before the cuff tear. In many cases the tendons and muscles around the shoulder have been weakened from prolonged disuse before the surgery. The tissue may be insufficient for a strong repair. In such cases the mechanics of the shoulder may be improved by carefully smoothing out the cuff area and moving the shoulder immediately after surgery so that new scars are not formed.

The goal of the repair is to reattach good quality tendon to the location on the arm bone from which it was torn. If the tendon cannot reach this spot with the arm at the side of the body the shoulder surgeon releases the tendon from the surrounding tissues. If good quality tendon will not reach its attachment site after these releases the cuff tear is deemed to be irreparable. In this situation the useless tendon is cut out and the shoulder is again examined to assure smooth and full motion. Again achieving this smooth movement may require trimming of the tendon edges or the bone of the upper humerus. Occasionally it may be necessary to perform an acromioplasty a procedure in which part of the bone overlying the rotator cuff is removed. Acromioplasty is avoided unless it is necessary because it increases the risk of weakening the deltoid and causing scar tissue.

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