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Download Center | Pixel Experience

(14/01/23) The brushes in this set have been updated to take full advantage of the new Apple Pencil hover feature! If you have an iPad with hover support, make sure to download this update for the best experience. Also make sure to change the Advanced cursor settings as shown in the image below. This will allow for each individual brush to adapt the way hover is displayed depending on how the brush works best.

Download center | Pixel Experience

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ControlUp extends IT visibility into the digital experience of work-from-anywhere employees for EUC environments. Read here to learn more about this feature. To monitor client device metrics, download and deploy the relevant files onto the client device machines you want to monitor.

These are experiences that allow you to search and download online content including templates, images, 3D models, videos, and reference materials to enhance your documents. For example, Office templates or PowerPoint QuickStarter. For a list of these connected experiences, see Connected experiences in Office.

In former gaining the newest firmware version, the users need to connect the 3D printer to the WiFi. The printer could continue printing after an outage, but the firmware download cannot. Once in this remake, we upload firmware to the download center. Now you can update the firmware through USB wherever the 3D printer is located. 041b061a72


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